Relationship Goals

     We have all looked at a couple and said “I want that”. When I am in relationship I want them to treat me like that. Aww look at her she is so happy, I can’t wait to feel like that one day. Relationship goals….. But what do these couples really look like, do you really know what you are wanting?

Did you see the “before relationship”; I mean did you see the argument before they walked out the door. The text message he received from that other chick. Did you see her flirting with the guy at work? Did you see him sleep on the couch and her curled up with a pillow? No, you didn’t see this…… We never do……..


What you saw was them walking hand in hand, smiling. You saw that beautiful selfie she took of the two of them. You saw her post about how loving and doting he is. You saw the perfection, they made you believe that the relationship they have is real and perfect. You want to obtain that so bad that you’re willing to take it. I’ve heard it, I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it.

Let’s say you get it, then what………

I’m here to tell you that these seemingly perfect relationships are not all they’re made out to be. You see we are humans and humans are imperfect. When two imperfect people are in a relationship there can be NO PERFECTION! Relationships take work, building a solid relationship with an imperfect person is going to be by far one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. I hear it all the time, sometimes it’s coming from my own mouth “love shouldn’t have to be hard.” It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard.

Relationship goals should be goals you set based off you and your significant other needs, wants, and priorities. Both parties should be working together to achieve their goals. Set a goal to get out of debt, to establish a savings, to pray together every night, to never leave each other’s presence without saying goodbye. Stop looking at your relationship and comparing it to others, because you really don’t know what others are going through.

Be an example, don’t model one. Set your own RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

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I am a hard working mother of three, I truly enjoy living the life that God designed for me. My goal in life is to inspire others to look beyond the right now and see how wonderful life can be when you truly start living.

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