God is Good Even When it Isn’t Good

Psalm 34:1-I will bless the Lord at all time his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Prayer and praise are two different things; prayer means to petition, and praise means to glorify. To bless God is to recognize his power, strength, and his graciousness. In our praise we are saying I know who you are God, I know you can, and I know you will.

Last year, November 5, I posted on my Facebook “I stopped saying please God and started saying thank you God. I was practically begging God to change some things in my life. When I moved from begging God to thanking Him, I started to see a shift in my life. Matthew 6 tell us not to worry, that this does not add a single hour onto our life; but this is how I lived, I prayed and then I worried. Now I no longer worry, and I give God the praise, rather it is good or bad.

Praying to God is important but praise is just as important, praise is what activates your faith, and your faith is what activates your blessings. One thing we must understand is that God knows exactly what we need and when we are going to need it. Matthew 6:8 tells us this, so when you pray about it get up and praise God for it because it is already taken care of.

Between 2017 and the beginning of 2019, I experienced many losses, setbacks, and moments where I thought I would just completely break. There were times where I thought God forgot I existed. I would often ask myself what am I am doing wrong? Is the reason why I am asking not genuine enough, do I not deserve the things I am asking for? And one day I got my answer, I needed to trust God. Psalm 56:3 states “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you” and this is exactly what I did; I took my hands off of it and put all my problems in God’s hand.

When I lost my car, I thanked God for blessing me with a new one, When I was confused, I thanked God for making it plain, when I felt like I was dying I thanked God for allowing me to see my kids get married. When I was in turmoil, I thanked God for peace that surpassed all understanding. When life wasn’t good, I gave Him the praise that was due because He is good all the time.

My son asked me why do we have to go through so much bad, he said it seemed the bad lasted longer than the good. He said one moment we’re doing well and the next we’re doing bad and this season of doing bad has lasted a long time. I was able to tell him the same thing I am telling you God is good even when it isn’t good. I explained to him that we had been here before, but he was young and didn’t know what was going on. I also explained to him that we were at the end of season and when you come to the end of something sometimes it harder because you are pushing through.

To close, I know it is hard to praise God when you are facing trials and tribulations. I know it is hard to praise God when you can’t see the situation getting better, I know it is hard to praise God when the hurt just won’t stop. But my message to you today is God is Good even when it isn’t good. So, praise Him at all times, I did it and his word did not return void.


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I am a hard working mother of three, I truly enjoy living the life that God designed for me. My goal in life is to inspire others to look beyond the right now and see how wonderful life can be when you truly start living.

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