Part 3- We Got the Keys!!!

Before I really get into this post, I feel it is important to say that uncertainty, trials, and tribulations are all a part of life, so embrace them and know that there is something good on the other side of all that.

August 31, moving day! This was the day we packed our belongings into a storage unit and moved into the extended stay hotel. When we packed our life into the storage, we still didn’t have a final approval from the lender, but I was still operating in faith. The lender asked me to do some things to improve my credit score so that I could get a better rate and I did everything she asked, and my score dropped. No one could explain to me why this happened, but it did and here I was once again filled with so much doubt and so many unanswered questions. Continue reading Part 3- We Got the Keys!!!


Defining Moments

Defining moments are events that determine every event thereafter. The impact of these moments can either be positive or they can be negative, the impact is determined by your behavior during these moments. Some people believe they can experience things and it have no effect on them, but it does. They may not realize it at the time but something changes, either they start to think differently or the way they feel about a person change. Either way everything they do thereafter is defined by that moment.

We, as humans, will experience many defining moments in our lifetime. It is impossible to go through life and not have experiences change you. Not all defining moments are big moments, some are rather small, so small that you might not even realize it. Later on, you’ll do something, and you’ll wonder why. You’ll think back to that small defining moment and realize it changed you. The big moments are easier to recognize. Regardless of how big or how small when you go through a defining moment you do not come out the other side the same.

One large defining moment in my life was when I lost the first job I had after getting out the military. It rocked my whole world, it was totally unexpected. Losing my job came with no warning and no time to prepare. I remember when my boss at the time called me in her office and told me I was being terminated, I actually laughed because I thought she was playing. I knew she wasn’t playing when I walked out of her office and a police officer was standing there to escort me out the building. I packed my stuff and left, I left with no plan, and no source of income.

As I was walking to my car I cried. I sat in my car continued to cry. I pulled myself together before I went and got my daughter out of the on-campus daycare. When I got into the daycare the lady was telling me about the things my daughter needed to have for the next day and I informed her that she wouldn’t be back because I had just lost my job. She asked my why and I had no answer for her because I did not know myself. On my way home, I prayed, I cried, and I asked God for understanding, provision, and strength because I had a family to take care of. I had children and a husband who depended on me.

The day I was terminated I was sitting at my desk and the scripture “be still and know I am God” just kept playing over and over in my mind. I posted the scripture to my Facebook thinking it may help someone else who was having a defining moment not knowing it was for me and the defining moment I was about to face. When I got home I told my family the news but this time it wasn’t heavy. The next day when I woke up, I was okay, co-workers called to check on me, offer words of encouragement, and gave me advice on how to fight it. One by one I told them I was okay, and that God was in control. I truly believed that.

In my defining moment I could have gotten upset, acted a fool, felt sorry for myself, stress, and I could have given up on my dream; but instead of doing all this, I choose to trust God. I didn’t like the job or my boss anyways. I did fight the termination and I won my case. I took the time that I had off and I worked on my degree, became a stay at home mom, and crafted my cooking skills. I think my husband gained fifty pounds that year. The same position I was in opened at another location, I applied, and got the position. I have moved on now from that position, but I been with organization for three tears and I love what I do.

In my defining moment I did not give up, I did not wallow in the moment, I had faith for my future. I knew then, and I know now, even more, that God does not close one door without having better plans for another one. He moved me from an area where I thought I belonged and he opened doors in the place where I actually belonged. This moment shifted my whole life but most importantly it taught me how to really trust God and the process. The moment changed me, but I allowed it to change me for the better, it gave me a different outlook on life both personally and professionally. I know at times it is hard to overcome these defining moments, but my advice is to stay in faith and keep going. Sometimes defining moments seem like the end but they are the beginning of something new.

I have had many defining moments and each one comes with its different share of challenges. I challenge you to look back on your defining moments. How did they make you feel? How did they change you? How are they still effecting you? If you want to share leave a comment below and thank you for experiencing life with me.