How to Respond to Naysayers


Naysayers are those people that try to talk you out of your dreams or tell you that your vision for something is too big. The actual definition is; one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something. How do you respond to these people?

It is very discouraging to share your vision with others and they tell you all the reasons why it is impossible. As soon as you finish talking you see a shift in their body and attitude; then here comes the list. You need money to that, when will you have the time, someone is already doing that, you’re too old to change careers, and the list goes on. Sometimes the naysaying is not verbal, but you can see it in their actions; they don’t share in your joy, they change the subject whenever you bring it up, or they aren’t sharing your products with others.

The shift you saw was fear or a lack of understanding. When dealing with naysayers it is important to understand that the vision or dream was not given to them, it was given to you, so of course they can’t comprehend what it is that you see. Sometimes people fear what they don’t understand. How could you come from a broken home and run a multimillion-dollar company? How could you, who failed the first grade twice, write a best-selling book.

So how do you respond to naysayers? Simple, you don’t. Your vision is not theirs to understand, you work your plan and you do just what you set out to do. They’ll understand when the vision is complete. They’ll also be the first ones telling you that they knew you could do it. Start the business, apply for the job, write the book, let your success speak for you.

I had to realize a long time ago that these people exist and sometimes they are the closest people to you. I also had to realize the same thing I just told you, the vision was not given to them, so how could I fault them. I write, it has always been a passion of mine. When I started this blog, I had no clue what I was doing but I did it anyway. Then I started writing a book, still had no clue what I was doing, but I did it anyway. There are times where I don’t won’t to continue, but I do it anyway because I feel there is someone out there who needs to hear what I have to say; or I don’t write for a while and I get a message from someone telling me that they miss reading my post. Other times people read my post and tell me I was speaking directly to them and they thank me for sharing.

Just recently, I was packing my house, preparing to move; I found so many journals and I realized that I had been writing for along time. Sometimes we believe the vision comes overnight but if we were to stop and reflect, we will see that the vision was given to us long before we could even put it into words. So, despite coming from a broken home, despite not having the money, despite failing first grade, despite not liking what I wrote, I continue to write because I know when the time comes God will carry my vision to completion (Phil 1:6).

In closing, sometimes it is scary to start something new, sometimes the naysayers get in our head and you begin to believe everything they said. It is okay to share your vision with others because sometimes it is too great to hold in. Although you have people who may root against you, you also have people who are rooting for you. God did not call you because you are qualified, He called you because you are capable. Keep pushing your vision, do not give up because some say you can’t do it, do not give up because it becomes too hard, and do not give up because it seems like it is taking too long. Once the final product is realized you’ll see just how worth it, it was.



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I am a hard working mother of three, I truly enjoy living the life that God designed for me. My goal in life is to inspire others to look beyond the right now and see how wonderful life can be when you truly start living.

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